Microsoft CTS Core

HTML/SCSS, jQuery, Foundation 5

A cloud-based big data management platform for political campaigns

Acted as lead designer for a 12-person development team for the project during the conceptual stages starting in July 2014, through prototyping and private preview releases, to a full public release in June 2015.

Web application
June, 2015


C++, OpenGL, GLSL, Qt

2D narrative sidescrolling game with a hand-drawn and photo collage aesthetic

Completed as part of my MFA thesis project in Digital+Media at RISD, alongside a written thesis, which can be found here

Computer game
April, 2014

Doublestick Engine

C++, OpenGL, GLSL, Qt

Drag-and-drop editor and 2D game engine, with efficient, automatic tiling of large textures from source images, animation, motion parallaxing, arbitrarily complex branching paths and navigation, and full GPU shader support

Used to make the game 'Whole' (shown above)

April, 2014


C/C++, OpenGL

Abstraction of the infrastructure of an imaginary city. Based on the original SimCity cellular automata simulation engine (1989)

Exhibited as part of the "Complexity" show in RISD's Gelman Gallery, September - October 2013

Computer simulation, projection
August, 2013


HTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery, PHP

Web application that enables intuitive design of woven textiles, with photorealistic preview of results

Collaborate, NSF-funded project between RISD and Cornell University

January, 2014

Economist Eco


Proposed simplified version of the Economist for web audiences, with a focus on additional editorial content published between weekly issues of the print magazine

July, 2013



Daily news site which used a machine learning algorithm to analyze and organize an average of 5,000 - 10,000 plaintext articles from news outlets worldwide, then present them to a human editor for curation and posting

March, 2013
C++, OpenGL, Qt

"Lumpy" voxel terrain generator, using weighted 3D Perlin noise

February, 2013
HTML5 Canvas, JavaScript

Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry, final project: interactive 3D grid mapped over 2D space using projective geometry

An interactive demo can be found here

May, 2011
HTML/CSS, HTML5 Canvas, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, MySQL

A test results analysis page for HP R&D which retrieves results of component testing from a database, performs statistical analysis on the data set, and graphs the distribution

May, 2011
HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP

Touchscreen interface to connect a video input to a multiple-projector screen

March, 2011

Final project for CSU CS 410 - Compter Graphics: Basic ray tracer

December, 2010
HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery

Multimedia page created as a companion piece to my last radio show on 90.5 FM KCSU

The page can be found here

December, 2011
C++, OpenGL, OpenCL, CUDA

GPU benchmark for HP R&D

January, 2011
C++, OpenCL, CUDA

GPU-accelerated pixel sort stress test

July, 2010